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Being stood up on your birthday sucks.
It sucks even worse when it's your brother's egotistical best friend and CFO who delivers the blow.

My first encounter with Lance Sullivan had me crying in an elevator as I clung to a stranger for comfort.
On our second, he stormed my dress fitting pretending to be my husband.
And by the third... I'd made the bastard smile.

I do not have time for a man in my life. Not when I already have two stubborn men at the centre of my world who can barely show up for me. But Lance is showing up, and did I mention he has the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen?

Lance is fun to mess with. I just need to convince him to drop the 'your brother will kill me if I touch you' act, especially when his mouth has already touched the parts of me that matter...

One summer.
Two hearts.

And a promise... to not disappear on me.

The Grand Ruin - Signed Paperback

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